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Like everyone, I hate writing about me pages.


In grade 8 I had a girl crush on a girl I thought looked like Natalie Merchant (I was a bit of an REM fan) and one day I followed her to this cupboard under the stairs which led up to the science rooms.  I loitered around because she went into the cupboard and didn’t come out for hours and she did this DAYS in a row.  Finally, being the very not subtle 13 year old that I was, she spotted me and invited me to come peek.  The main lights were off but a red glow filled the room.  She showed me trays of paper and when she washed the liquid over images magically appeared.  It was the most profound moment of my life.


Fast forward a few years, I’d been shooting and developing and generally loving film and knew this was what I wanted to do.  It was time to meet the guidance counsellor and discuss THE FUTURE.  ”I want to go to art school”.  SILENCE. “Get that out of your head girl”.  Hmm….  Nothing like discouragement to fuel determination.  I submitted my portfolio to mulitple art schools and was invited to interviews and was accepted for every one.  I choose to stay with my friends and go to QCA, a good move as it’s where I met my husband to be.  Since that time I’ve been exhibiting endlessly, making books, documenting every second and generally living life with a camera glued to my face.  It’s just what I do really.


I shoot weddings and families by day, I love it.  I know, I know, wedding photography has a stigma among art college kids, but seriously if you put in the effort and treat every wedding like you were documenting the life of your best friend then you can make beautiful and creative images from one of the single most important day of people’s lives.  It’s an honour to be able  to shoot people’s weddings and I love the freedom and trust and creativity they give me.


I also shoot for magazine and cafes and bands and fashion labels and exhibit image in spaces that resemble galleries.


When I’m not shooting for other people I shoot for me or I think about shooting for me or I think about other people who do amazing work.  I’m an obsessive fan of photo series and so I created a blog called THE SERIES which looks at some of the best photographic series.  I also run another blog called HEARTH.  It’s taken a side step for the moment due to time constraints, however it interview creative people from all walks of life.  I believe that creativity is in every day and every moment can be creative if you just look at it with creative eyes.


I’m the queen of side projects, I have side projects coming out of my side projects.  This site is an attempt to pull all these moments and thoughts and images together as one body of being.